14+ Carved Wooden Ornaments Half Price

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Look at these beautiful Christmas ornaments! They are made from beautifully carved wood and would be perfect to hang on your tree or give as a gift. With this set of 4, you can decorate your tree with classic elegance.

Carved Wooden Ornament 1

Carved Wooden Christmas Ornament 1

This ornament features a beautiful carving of a reindeer in the woods. The attention to detail is amazing, you can almost feel the trees and snow! This ornament is ready to add rustic charm to your Christmas décor.

Carved Wooden Ornament 2

Carved Wooden Christmas Ornament 2

This ornament features a charming snowman with his carrot nose and traditional top hat. He is holding a string of Christmas lights, and will bring joy to your tree for years to come.

Carved Wooden Ornament 3

Carved Wooden Christmas Ornament 3

This ornament features a classic Christmas tree with a star on top. It has intricate carved details and would make a lovely addition to any holiday décor. Hang it on your tree, or create a woodsy centerpiece.

Carved Wooden Ornament 4

Carved Wooden Christmas Ornament 4

This ornament features a cute little gingerbread man. He has a big smile on his face and candy cane buttons. Hang him on your tree, on a wreath, or even use him as a gift tag for that special someone.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own these beautiful Christmas ornaments. They are sure to be treasured by your family for years to come.

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