Chimney Counter Flashing You’ll Ever Need

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Hey there, looking for some hilarious chimney flashing images? Look no further, my friends! I’ve scoured the internet and found the funniest, craziest, and most bizarre images of chimney flashing out there. So buckle up and get ready to laugh your socks off!

Image 1: Chimney Counter-Flashing Shows Quality

Chimney with counter-flashing

First up, we’ve got a real masterpiece. This chimney has it all – counter-flashing, step flashing, and a metal roof. It’s like a work of art, except instead of hanging on a wall in a museum, it’s installed on a roof in San Mateo County. If you ever need proof that quality roofing work is worth the investment, just take a look at this beauty.

Image 2: InterNACHI Inspection Graphics Library

Chimney flashing close-up

Next on the list, we’ve got a close-up shot of some seriously impressive chimney flashing. It’s so well done, it makes you wonder if the person who installed it is secretly a magician. I mean, how else could they make the flashing disappear so seamlessly into the shingles? Either way, hats off to you, mystery roofer. You’re a true master of your craft.

Image 3: Chimney Flashing by A Better Roof for Less

Chimney with flashing and vent

Our third image comes to us courtesy of A Better Roof for Less, and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. This chimney flashing is on point – perfectly sealed, no leaks in sight. And check out that vent, just casually hanging out there. It’s like the icing on the cake. Well done, A Better Roof for Less. Well done.

Image 4: Chimney Counter Flashing on Contractor Talk

Chimney with counter-flashing

And now, we come to a true classic. This image comes from the Contractor Talk forums, where roofers from all over come to hang out and chat about their favorite subject – roofing, of course. And this chimney counter flashing is a perfect example of why people are so passionate about their work. It’s just so darn satisfying to see a job well done.

Image 5: More Chimney Counter Flashing on Contractor Talk

Chimney with counter-flashing close-up

Finally, we’ve got another gem from the Contractor Talk forums. This close-up shot of chimney counter flashing is just so beautiful. I can almost hear the choir of angels singing in the background. And check out those perfectly spaced nails. It’s like a symphony of roofing excellence. If you ever need a pick-me-up, just come back to this image and let the pure joy of quality roofing work wash over you.

Well folks, that’s it for our chimney flashing extravaganza. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Just remember, when it comes to roofing work, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Because if these images have taught us anything, it’s that the difference between a good roof and a great roof is all in the details.

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