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The importance of preserving historic buildings and landmarks cannot be emphasized enough. These structures serve as a link to our past, providing a glimpse into the lives and cultures of those who came before us. However, as time marches on and buildings age, they require maintenance and repair to keep them standing for future generations to appreciate. One organization that is committed to this cause is Preservation Resources Network, whose latest project is the restoration of the Intracoastal Roofing building.

Restoration of the Intracoastal Roofing Building

Intracoastal Roofing Building

The Intracoastal Roofing building has been a fixture in the Wilmington, North Carolina community since its construction in the mid-20th century. However, over the years, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair, and its future was uncertain. Thanks to the efforts of the Preservation Resources Network, the Intracoastal Roofing building is undergoing restoration to preserve it for future generations.

The Importance of Historical Preservation

Preserving historic buildings is critical to maintaining a community’s cultural identity and heritage. These buildings serve as tangible links to our past, providing insight into the lives and customs of those who came before us. Restoration efforts also provide jobs and stimulate economic growth, as visitors are drawn to the area to see the beautiful, restored architecture.

The Role of Preservation Resources Network

Preservation Resources Network is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and promote the historic architecture and culture of Wilmington, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas. The organization achieves this mission by providing resources, education, and advocacy to individuals, organizations, and governments. Preservation Resources Network is committed to ensuring that residents and visitors alike can enjoy the unique and colorful past of the area.

The Restoration Process

Restoring a historic building requires a well-coordinated effort between architects, engineers, contractors, and preservationists. The team at Preservation Resources Network is working diligently to ensure that the Intracoastal Roofing building is restored to its former glory, while also ensuring that it complies with modern building codes and safety standards. The restoration process includes the following steps:

Assessment and Planning

Before any restoration work can begin, a thorough assessment of the building’s condition must take place. This assessment includes a detailed examination of the building’s structure, foundation, roof, and interior. Once the assessment is complete, a comprehensive restoration plan is developed, which includes timelines, budgets, and work schedules.

Repairs and Restoration

With the restoration plan in place, the team of architects, engineers, contractors, and preservationists can begin repairing and restoring the building. This process includes tasks such as repairing the foundation, replacing damaged roof sections, restoring the original windows, and repairing any damaged or missing masonry.

Finishing Touches

Once the major repairs have been completed, the team can move on to the finishing touches, which include painting, restoring the interior, and adding modern amenities such as air conditioning and heating. The goal is to make the building modern and functional, while still maintaining its historic charm.

The Benefits of Restoration

Restoring historic buildings provides a multitude of benefits to the community. First and foremost, restoration creates jobs and stimulates economic growth. Additionally, restored buildings attract tourists and visitors, who come to appreciate the unique architecture and culture of the area. Finally, restoration preserves the history and identity of the community, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and learn from the past.


Preservation Resources Network’s commitment to restoring the historic architecture of Wilmington and surrounding areas is a testament to the organization’s dedication to preserving the past for future generations. The restoration of the Intracoastal Roofing building is just one example of the important work that the organization does. By working to preserve historic buildings, we can ensure that the rich cultural identity and heritage of our communities remain intact for generations to come.

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