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Hey there angler friends! I have a new project that I wanted to share with you all. I recently created a truck-mounted rod tube to make transporting my fishing rods easier and more convenient. Check out the details below.

Truck-Mounted Rod Tube

Truck-Mounted Rod Tube

The truck-mounted rod tube is a simple and effective solution for fishermen who want to keep their fishing rods organized and protected while on the road. I used a PVC pipe as the main structure for the rod tube and mounted it on the bed of my truck.

Parts list

  • 3-inch PVC pipe
  • PVC end caps (2)
  • PVC elbow joint
  • PVC T-joint
  • PVC cement and primer
  • U-bolts (4)
  • Washers (8)
  • Nuts (8)

PVC Pipe and Caps

First, I cut the PVC pipe to the desired length for my rods. Then, using PVC cement and primer, I attached one end cap to the end of the pipe. I also attached the elbow joint to the other end of the pipe, pointing it towards the back of the truck bed.

PVC Joints

I then attached the T-joint to the elbow joint, making sure it was oriented properly for the U-bolts. I used more PVC cement and primer to secure the joint in place.

Mounted Tube

Next, I placed the rod tube onto the truck bed and marked where the U-bolts would go. I drilled holes in the bed at each of the four marks and then inserted the U-bolts through the holes, placing washers and nuts on each side to secure them in place.

Tube with Rods

Finally, I made sure the rod tube was level and then placed my rods inside. I added the second end cap to the tube to keep the rods in place during transport.

I hope this project inspires you to make your own truck-mounted rod tube. It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive way to ensure your fishing rods are always within reach when you hit the water.

Until next time, happy fishing!

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